Friday, 29 April 2011

Summer's starting.

Summer Term starts this week, I'm back at some of my old schools after they asked for me specifically, which is a nice feeling and I'm looking forward to seeing some of my old students. Theres lots to do, decorate porcelain plant pots and potting sunflowers, design a pencil case and more. I will post pictures as I get them. 

Summer Term will run till the end of the school year, initially it was thought that this would be the last term but after a quick chat yesterday there's talk about September bookings, which is great news. 

More good news - I'm currently working on a small Window Painting commission, I'm booked to start a Fence Garden project beginning next week working with the whole school. I'm in talks about another mosaic project and after a call last week it looks like I may have three community events to organize, so it look's like I'm going to be busy, busy.  

Batik workshop

During March I delivered a couple of of Batik workshops for Lodge Primary School about the Fire of London. I like to try new workshops from time to time because its a opportunity to learn what works and what can be developed further. its something Id do again but a lot more help is needed. Here's some of the work while it was hung-up to dry, they look beautiful with light shining through.