JULY 2013

Team Designer Maker - Newtown Primary Wet Felting.

The class has looked at other artists, made prototypes, investigated the material and where it has come from and produced final designs. 

The first prototype was to learn the skill of wet felting and the process, the children then developed their own unique designs using colour once the final design was made buttons were added to complete them. At the end of the project every child in the class had their own bespoke piece of work.

The children had a choice to make a girls or boys purse, ipod case/sock or case/sock for their glasses. The children had the chance to explore the material firstly in its natural fibre form, feel its texture, warmth and where it had come from. We then looked the technique of wet felting, the tools, process and how we can add colour to create a design that was their own and unique.

JUNE 2013

Designer/Maker - Felting and Embroidery

Latest piece produced which is a bit of a change in direction from my usual glass art. These bowls are completely handmade, bespoke, one of a kind.
The design evolves as the piece is produced and is signed and dated on the underside and part of a new collection being put together.

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