A Day In My Life

7.30am This time of year every morning we are woke up by Mother Nature's alarm clock, we have a pair of magpies which try to build a nest in the tree outside our bedroom window. They haven't managed it yet......I think because the tree isn't big enough, but they try every year.

Like most people, one of the first things I do in the morning is check emails and Twitter not too exciting, but I do have a lovely sunset screen saver from last years holiday in Devon.

Emails, Twitter checked, Dogs feed and quick breakfast of toast and coffee half on the run, then its off to the Cabin with my team in tow Dinky and Ozzy.

This is my Cabin! My little creative workspace. Only just moved in as recent projects are too big to work on from home, so its a work in progress. No electrics or heating yet, but its going to develop over the next few months it will soon become my little Creating Oasis .

I have a delivery this morning so need to prep the pieces. I ran a couple of Lunch Time Mosaic Workshops at Newtown Primary School a few weeks ago, Miss Godwin (the Head) had some shelves she wanted the Children to decorate. I ran a Mosaic drop-in session during lunch time,
students design and lay out the mosaics, I then take them away to grout them.                                 

Here's the clean up - how they looked after grouting.

 And - ready for delivery.     
Shelves delivered to Newtown off back home for a little lunch. 
Just enough time to get the kiln loaded and fired before
 I get ready for my afternoon meeting.
Off for my meeting with Dave Kelly the Children's University Co-ordinator
at West Bromwich Albion Foundations.

Had a great meeting with Dave......I'm looking to get my workshops accredited to enable students to be awarded for the work they do when they attend. Awards add up and students go through a graduation ceremony at the end of the school year. I'm excited to be invited to become part of such an exciting project and to be able to play a part in students achievements.

Back from meeting, time to prepare tiles ready to be fired tomorrow, then starting dinner.

After dinner I've had a look at producing photo books of the recent commissions I've made. Works still in progress but if I get the photos ready now, it will same me time in the long run.

Well it's 8.45pm and I'm just finishing editing photographs, starting to get late now and Corries on in the background, think its time to start winding things up.

Just finishing this blog, time to call it a day 10.00pm.

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