Monday, 12 December 2011

Latest News December 2011!!

Been busy the past few weeks with different things, 
sadly one of my dogs died which was awful miss him more than I thought I would:-( The house felt really empty so now we have a new addition to the family who is keeping us very busy:-) 

I've also been busy building a studio space:-) I've been running out of space in the spare room for a long time now and I'm slowly sneaking into every space I possibly can which is not ideal, so we've built a log cabin! OMG, half a day it says it will take! Two weeks later it is finally water tight....yeah! Not all our fault,, thank goodness I had help from my otherhalf and sister on day one, instructions were the wrong ones, screws all the wrong size but we managed to sort it out with common sence, we built the floor and the walls just slotted together easy! until it came to the roof. Instructions said lift pre-assembled roof into position, what we had, was tongue and groove in a million pieces! but it was getting late and would have to wait till the next day.

As it was Monday I was on my own, so a quick call to the supplier and the instructions were emailed across quickly, so up the ladder I go with hammer, nails and roof felt. After a bit of problem solving I soon found a system but due to the late start I only got a quarter of the roof done but had to stop when it got dark, took a further day to get it completed. Had more problems  not enough T&G, but luckly I had some spare so I cut that down and used that, also not enough roof felt supplied, so I had to fetch some flashing, although I was still having problems I was relived to get the roof on as we had bad winds and weather was on its way.

Work had to stop for a few days because of the gales and rain but once the weather changed it was back to work, with an action plan to get doors and windows fitted and the outside painted. Otherhalf was able to help so I would paint while Ade fitted the windows and doors, he unpaked them only to find out they had delivered the wrong ones   :-( I couldn't believe it! so calmly I called the supplier and on-one was there till the Monday. One email and four days later the doors and windows were exchanged for another set, finally time to get it secure. I unpack, right size doors, windows a packet of fittings for each one Yeah finaly I get started, fit windows, hinges on door and fit one side, start on the other door, different size hinges they sent the wrong fittings!!!!! all I want to do is get it secure!!!! I'm now at a stage when I'm likely to blow a fuse and I'm getting so stressed that I just go and get another set and sort it myself. 

I now have a lovely semi-secure cabin with just few finishing touches to be done to the exterior and that part will be complete. I would love to live in Cornwall,  as that's not an option my studio will be my little beach hut haven in the middle of the Midlands (one can dream), I've painted it white with blue doors and windows. The next stage will be electrics, insulation and move in. The later will probably not be untill the New Year but I'm getting really excited about having my own little creative space.

I will post pictures soon.  

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Monday, 15 August 2011

Dragons Den - Theo Paphitis

Well what a start to the week!!! yesterday I was lucky to have been selected by the legend - Dragons Den, Theo Paphitis!!!! as one of his Small Business Sunday (#sbs) on twitter. 

Every Sunday Theo picks 6 business's to re-tweet and promote.
 I am so overwhelmed by my new twitter followers and blog visits, it's given me a well needed boost. 
It's very hard to keep going sometimes as everyone with a small business 
will tell you, it is hard work and the times we are in at the moment makes it even harder. 

So a "BIG THANK YOU! Theo" for the boost, new designs this week along side 
my commission work and reply to all my tweets!!!!

Here's my claim to fame pictures.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Summer Exhibition 2011

Its been the official opening of the Summer Exhibition 2011 at The Public, West Bromwich this morning. There's some beautiful being shown and I have a set of three tiles on display. The exhibition is free and there's lots of activities for the children over the summer holiday's, so it's well worth a visit.
See what they have planned -

Sorry the pictures have a pink tint to them, its because the windows are pink and so everything is pink.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Newtown Fence Project

The Newtown Fence Project is nearing completion all the workshops have finished, the last few mosaic pieces are being grouted this weekend ready for hand over, 
All the work will come together when installed. 

We've made mosaic tiles spelling out the school name, small and large mosaic flowers, recycled plastic bottles to make dragonfly's, butterfly's, bluebell and snowdrop flowers. 

In Nursery we have recycled carriers bag and made bumble bee windsocks 
and pipe wind chimes.

Here are a few new pictures, other pictures are in the slide show on the right of this post.

Class 4 flower waiting to be grouted.

Recycling plastic bottles - butterfly 


Friday, 20 May 2011

Fence project - Class5

Thursday was the turn of Class 5 on the fence project. Class 5 are continuing on the mosaic theme, this time with giant flowers. 
I'm working with each class in the school, each one doing a different section of a project which will come together to create a large pieces of art to decorate a section of fencing in the school. 
Here's more pictures of the work done by class 5.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Fence Project

The Newtown fence project started yesterday afternoon and class 6 and I had a great afternoon. 
Students worked really hard and were perfectly behaved. 

I'm working with each class in school to produce work,
 from mosaic to insects and flowers made by recycling plastic bottles. 

The project will be running over several weeks so I will keep posting updates as we progress.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Uk Handmade

Had exciting news this week to say my 
"Camper Van of Love" 
has been selected for the 
UK Handmade Summer Showcase, 
please visit using the link below.

I would like to say a big THANK YOU 
to the UK Handmade team for selecting my work.

UK Handmade have recently launched a campaign to get people 
buying Handmade and supporting independent 
designers and makers throughout the UK.

Please visit their site and sign the pledge to show your support!

Window project at Newtown Primary

As mentioned in previous posts, I've been working on a window project at Newtown Primary School. I was approached  by the Head after delivering After School Clubs at the school, with a request to refresh the reception door windows into the school.

Originally, the window had the school shield painted on by a previous student at the school, but over the years this had suffered damage due to some vandalism. The request  from the Head was for a welcome sign for visitors coming into the school. 

After a couple of sketches this is what I came up with.
 Each character is unique, dressed in the school uniform with the Head.
Photographs show the different stages of how the work progressed.

The original window design of the school shield which over the
years had suffered some vandalism.

Once the widows had been cleaned and degreased I
layout the templates to for each window.

Once I was happy with the layout, I then drew the outlines
and began to fill in  the colour.

Filling in more of the colour for the school uniforms

Skin tone and hair colour
                                            Grey trousers and white socks

The school shield is made up from the four school houses below.





    Initially this window had a "No Smoking" sign in the bottom left hand corner.

        View from inside reception looking out as you are leaving.

      View as you approach reception.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Summer's starting.

Summer Term starts this week, I'm back at some of my old schools after they asked for me specifically, which is a nice feeling and I'm looking forward to seeing some of my old students. Theres lots to do, decorate porcelain plant pots and potting sunflowers, design a pencil case and more. I will post pictures as I get them. 

Summer Term will run till the end of the school year, initially it was thought that this would be the last term but after a quick chat yesterday there's talk about September bookings, which is great news. 

More good news - I'm currently working on a small Window Painting commission, I'm booked to start a Fence Garden project beginning next week working with the whole school. I'm in talks about another mosaic project and after a call last week it looks like I may have three community events to organize, so it look's like I'm going to be busy, busy.  

Batik workshop

During March I delivered a couple of of Batik workshops for Lodge Primary School about the Fire of London. I like to try new workshops from time to time because its a opportunity to learn what works and what can be developed further. its something Id do again but a lot more help is needed. Here's some of the work while it was hung-up to dry, they look beautiful with light shining through.